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Boat Run Over Diver - Scuba Diving AccidentBoat run overs can be the cause of serious or fatal scuba diving accidents. Although this most frequently happens to dive boat crews and dive masters who are retrieving the anchor after the termination of a chartered dive, there have been numerous cases of dive boat operators backing over or running over divers entering or exiting the dive boat or from another dive boat operating in the same general area. It is the responsibility of the dive boat operator to ensure the safety of divers either entering or exiting the water. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the diver to follow instructions of the dive boat operator with regard to entry and exit protocols.

There is also the problem of motor boat operators ignoring the diver down flag and running over a diver. These injuries are usually catastrophic and should be carefully investigated both by law enforcement and the Coast Guard. Often these cases involve maritime and admiralty law.

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