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Dive Buddy Negligence - Scuba Diving AccidentDive buddy negligence can be the cause of a serious or even fatal scuba diving accident. With limited exception, the “buddy system” lies at the heart of diving safety. Although each diver is fundamentally responsible for his or her safety, the buddy system provides the much needed “safety net” in case something goes wrong. A well trained and attentive dive buddy can make the difference between life or death in a critical situation. On the other hand, an inattentive and incompetent dive buddy can cause an accident or make a bad situation worse.

For example, an attentive dive buddy can easily cut monofilament fishing line that has snagged the back of a diver’s tank thereby avoiding a potentially dangerous situation. On the other hand, many good divers have been injured or killed trying to rescue an incompetent buddy who ignores depth limitations or otherwise strays from a predetermined dive plan.

From a legal standpoint, when one assumes the responsibility of being a dive buddy, that carries with it an implicit requirement to act prudently. Frequently, problems may develop where a dive operator pairs up divers who are unfamiliar with each other, unfamiliar with each other’s equipment, and have no workable dive plan. If something goes wrong, tragedy can result from the ill prepared and inattentive dive buddy being unable to render basic assistance. Worse, the incompetent or foolish dive buddy can lead others into dangerous situations. Increasingly, legal liability examines the conduct of the dive buddy. Did he help? Could he have helped? Did he in fact cause the problem or make the problem worse? All of these are issues we are familiar with and capable of evaluating from a legal standpoint. We can help you find out what went wrong.

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