Negligent Rescue Attempts

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Negligent Rescue Attempt - Scuba Diving AccidentNegligent rescue attempts can be the cause of serious scuba diving accidents. A large number of diver fatalities and injuries involve emergencies that either occur on the surface of the water or involve divers who have encountered difficulty underwater but have safely made it to the surface alive only to be injured or killed due to errors committed by would be rescuers. A typical example of such an accident would be the diver who has suffered a medical problem at the surface which renders the diver incapable of swimming back to the boat and reboarding the boat. There have been a number of reported cases in which the boat crew or other “rescuers” have encountered such situations and in the process of getting the stricken diver back to the boat, have literally drowned the diver by causing him to inhale water during the rescue attempt. All certification agencies have established rescue protocols which include the proper methods of swimming an injured diver to safety without causing the diver to drown. Failure of a potential rescuer to reasonably effectuate the rescue can lead to legal liability. We can help you find out what went wrong.

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