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Overwhelmed by Current or Sea Conditions - Scuba Diving AccidentIt is fundamental that the ocean is big and human beings are small. The forces generated by ocean currents are tremendous and at times it is virtually impossible for an individual to swim against a strong current. To make matters more confusing and difficult to deal with, frequently the direction of the current changes throughout the course of a dive. The diver can also become overwhelmed by sea conditions and encounter unexpected updrafts and downdrafts that pull the diver deeper or blow the diver towards the surface. Unless a diver is familiar with the conditions that will be encountered in a particular dive, the diver is at a safety disadvantage. For this reason, a diver should never jump into unknown waters and “hope for the best.” The standard of care for any charter boat operation is to assess the sea conditions and inform the divers of any conditions that might impact the diver’s safety. In cases where the currents may take the diver a substantial distance from the boat, the diver should be instructed on the use of signaling devices so that the diver can be seen and picked up by the boat operator even if a strong current moves the diver a substantial distance from the boat.

When diving from shore, safety protocol requires that the diver plan not only an entry point, but an exit point that the diver can safely get to at the termination of the dive. A dive may start on a sandy beach with easy access and exit capabilities, but after the dive is concluded the diver finds himself unable to exit the water because he can not locate or reach the entry point. In addition, the diver may be faced with an inaccessible shore line such as high rock walls or overhangs that makes it impossible for the diver to exit the water. The danger in such an environment can be increased by the diver being smashed against rocks and boulders or “blown out to sea.”

Although unquestionably the diver has a self-responsibility to prudently assess the situation, sometimes commercial operators fall far short of adequately apprizing the divers of the dangers faced on a specific dive. This negligence can cause serious dive accidents. We can help you find out what went wrong.

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